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18 November 2017
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25 November 2017
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Prime 1 Studio-Justice League Statue Aquaman 88 cm

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Prime 1 Studio is proud to present MMJL-02: Aquaman from Justice League film. Arthur Curry features actor, Jason Momoa, as the King of the Seven Seas. Born with the Atlantean name Orin, is the crown prince of Atlantis, as well as the superhero known as Aquaman. While initially reserve and content with his isolation from the surface world, Aquaman would eventually be recruited by Batman and Wonder Woman to be a member of the Justice League, in order to help defend Earth against the imminent alien invasion of Steppenwolf and his Parademon army. Aquaman, equipped with his trident up, stands approximately 37 inches tall with various interchangeable arms.

– Size approximately 88 x 52 x 36 cm

Limited to just 800 pieces worldwide.

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Weight 15 kg