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9 December 2016
Prime 1 Studio-Batman Prestige Edition 1/3 Statue
9 December 2016
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Prime 1 Studio-Two Face 1/3 Statue



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“I wanted to help people, but Gotham wouldn’t let me. Good men don’t last here, Bruce, not when everybody knows who they are.”

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present Two-Face from Batman: Arkham Knight. District Attorney Harvey Dent was one of Batman’s strongest allies in Gotham City until Carmine Falcone threw acid in Dent’s face and hideously scarred him. The wounds fractured Dent’s psyche, and he was reborn as Two-Face: a schizoid criminal mastermind, obsessed with duality. His former good-luck charm, a “two-headed” trick silver dollar, was damaged on one side from the attack, and Dent had seized on it as a reflection of his half-scarred visage.

The statue features an interchangeable head, left hand featuring his iconic coin, and right arm for holding a pistol.


Approximately 31.33″ (79.6cm) tall

One (1) switchable normal portrait

One (1) switchable angry portrait

One (1) switchable right arm for holding pistol

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Weight 17 kg