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13 April 2021
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Prime 1 Studio-Valak the Nun


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“Pray for forgiveness.”

Prime 1 Studio is excited to present the 1:2 Scale HDMMNUN-01: The Nun Valak (2018 Film) Statue!
The Nun is a prequel based on a character introduced in The Conjuring 2. The plot focused on the origins of the demonic nun named Valak before coming in contact with the Warrens.

The Statue measures 45 inches tall from the bottom of the base covered with crosses. Valak is wearing a highly detailed, typical religious habit of Roman Catholic nuns. It makes a very impressive piece combining the nun clothing, pale skin and demonic yellow eyes. It also has an alternate Portrait with her wide-open mouth showing horrifying fangs.

This amazing piece is a must-have for all Horror fans!


  • Statue Size approximately 45 inches tall [H:113.5cm W:47.7cm D:51.2cm]
  • One (1) designed theme base
  • One (1) alternate Portrait

Limited Edition 150

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Weight 40 kg